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Living Select Shop,

OZ Room only selects items of world-renowned artists and brands while considering practical use.
Our philosophy is "WE SUGGEST DESIGN".
OZ Room is a Design Selecting Shop and Gift Shop presents carefully selected items which have great design value.
The items are categorized as Fragrancs, Bath, Accessory, Kitchenware, Wall Deco, Furniture.

We invite you to the delight of improving your own value and dignity.

세계적 디자이너의 상품과 해외 유명 브랜드만을 실용적 감각으로 셀렉팅한 OZ Room.
OZ Room은 "WE SUGGEST DESIGN"을 모토로, 세계 유수의 디자이너와 해외 유명 브랜드의 상품 가운데 디자인의 가치가 빛나는 상품만을 엄선하여, FRAGRANCE, BATH, ACCESSORY, KITCHENWARE, WALL DECO, FURNITURE 등의 카테고리를 선보이는 DESIGN SELECTING SHOP 및 GIFT SHOP 입니다.

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1F 936 Gukchaebosangro
Suseonggu Daegu Korea

Opening Hours.
11:00 to 20:00
Closed on Sunday.